The pearl of the luxemburgish Moselle




The heart of the Grand Duchy


pearl of the luxemburgish Moselle

Remich, called the pearl of the Moselle, is a small tourist town in the border triangle of Luxembourg-Germany-France with many attractions to discover.

Nestled in a sublime panorama of vineyards and forests in one of the most beautiful regions of Luxembourg, you can visit wine cellars with wine tasting, take a boat trip on the Moselle or walk or cycle through the vineyards and old rollies and along the magnificent promenade along the Moselle.

In the surroundings you will find tennis courts, golf courses in unspoiled nature, museums, castles, parks etc. Activities for young and old are waiting for you.

The Forest

The large forest between Remich and Stadtbredimus, known as “Réimecher Bësch”, captivates as much by its magnificent landscapes as by its numerous hiking trails.

0km – 1min


Stroll along the Esplanade, linger in front of the Fountain of Bacchus, have fun on the playground – the Esplanade is enjoyed by all.
After your stroll, make yourself comfortable at one of the pleasant terraces of the Place Dr. F. Kons.


1km – 2min

Swimming pool

Outdoor swimming pool for water sports and recreation.
The pool complex consists of a completely renovated swimming pool, adapted to the latest technology, and a new children’s pool.

Opening period
May 15 to September 15


1km – 2min

Cruise ships

During the tourist season, Navitours and Entente cruise ships invite you to themed evenings and scenic river cruises.

Opening period

1km – 2min


Remich is situated on the banks of the Moselle River, in a valley surrounded by vineyards to the south and east and a large forest to the north. However, the vineyards of Remich also offer a variety of hiking trails.

1km- 2min


The Moselle is characterized by its vigorous vineyards. Numerous wine estates offer tastings and visits to discover this aspect of Luxembourg culture.


1km – 2min


On a 250-metre track, the little ones can take a ride in different vehicles, such as a Harley Davidson or a police car.

Opening period
End of March to end of September| October-November: weekends only


1km – 2min


One of the largest miniature golf courses in the Greater Region. A playful and varied 18-hole course awaits you at the Remich miniature golf course.

Opening period
End of March to end of September| October-November: weekends only


1km – 2min

Iron Man

Located in the heart of Europe, this unique race offers athletes the opportunity to swim in Germany, ride in France and run in Luxembourg. In this wine-growing region, the Moselle valley is a place of endless gastronomic discoveries and leisure activities.



1km – 2min

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Explore the Moselle region!

The river Moselle is one of the main rivers in Luxembourg. It crosses the country for 39 kilometres to form a natural border with Germany. The Moselle River gives its name to one of the most beautiful valleys in Luxembourg, famous for its wine cellars, charming hotels and medieval towns. “D’Mousel”, as its inhabitants affectionately call it, is also a region of traditions such as the Remich cavalcade or the grape and wine festival in Grevenmacher.

The Moselle valley in Luxembourg is famous for its steep slopes and vineyards. It is the cradle of Luxembourg’s great wines, mainly white grape varieties such as Riesling, Auxerrois or Pinot Gris. The hinterland of the Moselle is home to large plantations of fruit trees used for the production of fresh juices, liqueurs and Schnaps. Themed hikes, such as the wine route, are entirely dedicated to the discovery of this terroir.



Schengen is undoubtedly the most famous village by its European status. The Agreement that bears its name is the reason for this.


9km – 12min

Château Malbrouck

The Château de Malbrouck in Manderen, a Moselle Passion site owned by the Moselle Department, classified as a historical monument, is located on the borders of Germany and Luxembourg.

10km – 15min


If you feel like playing, you can try your luck in the two casinos, the Casino Schlossberg and the Casino Bad-Mondorf, and maybe go home with the jackpot.

9km – 12min

The loop of the Saar

The most beautiful stretch of Germany.
Inseparable from the image of the state, the Saar loop is the highlight of any trip to the region

15km – 20min


The Kikuoka Country Club in Scheierhaff near Canach offers an 18-hole golf course and a compact 6-hole course.


10km – 15min

Haff Remich

The nature reserve Haff Réimech, at the foot of the vineyards between Schengen and Remich, is appreciated for its rich birdlife and particularly rare flora and fauna.


9km – 12min

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Discover the Grand-Duchy and its secrets

Discover a multicultural city, capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and seat of many European institutions. Between tradition and modernity, let yourself be surprised by its many tourist places to visit with its UNESCO World Heritage monuments as well as its museums and squares. Plan your cultural outings thanks to the agenda which is full of ideas to end your stay: festivals, exhibitions, theatre…

Nature lover or budding sportsman? Discover the regions around the city of Luxembourg. You can enjoy the different landscapes offered by the nature parks in the north of Luxembourg in the Ardennes region, but also the medieval ruins and the numerous marked trails for walking or mountain biking throughout the region . In the south of the country, you will discover the industrial history of Luxembourg with the Terres Rouges region, and its old iron and steel sites. Wine lover? Discover the Moselle region with its slopes and steep vineyards. Don’t hesitate to stop at a winery to taste the different varieties.

Luxembourg City

Capital of a small country, Luxembourg is nevertheless a resolutely lively and animated city. A true cultural platform, it abounds in places of artistic expression, such as museums, theatres and concert halls. Luxembourg’s cultural programme reflects the image of its citizens: multilingual, multicultural, creative and eclectic.

25km – 25min


The castle of Vianden was built during the period from the 11th to the 14th century on the foundations of a Roman castel and a Carolingian refuge. The castle-palace bearing the mark of the Hohenstaufen family, it is one of the largest and most beautiful feudal residences of the Romanesque and Gothic periods in Europe.

65km – 60min


It is situated in a deep and narrow valley on the banks of the Clerve river and in the centre of the Ardennes. The Abbey of the Benedictines of St-Maurice and St-Maur, built in 1910 in Roman-Burgundian style, dominates the valley.


80km – 70min


The Mullerthal Trail takes the experienced hiker 112 kilometres through a beautiful hilly region. The Mullerthal leads through fields and forests in the heart of almost untouched nature. In addition to demanding hikes, the Mullerthal offers a network of pleasant walks through breathtaking panoramas.


40km – 40min


 Esch-sur-Sûre (a member of the Haute-Sûre Nature Park) is a small town embedded in the mountains and surrounded by the river Sûre. One of the most remarkable sites in the country


65km – 60min

Lake of the Upper-Sûre

The lake dates from 1961 and is located 1 km west of Esch-sur-Sûre, in the centre of the Haute-Sûre Natural Park. A wide range of water sports such as swimming, canoeing, diving, windsurfing and sailing can be enjoyed. Take advantage of the solar boat for your excursions.


65km – 60min


Capital of the Mullerthal, Echternach is also the oldest city in Luxembourg. Important sights in the city include the Roman Villa, the Benedictine Abbey of St Willibrord and the cultural centre of the Trifolion.

42km – 45min

The “Parc Merveilleux”

The “Parc Merveilleux” offers with its lively fairy tales, reserve of domestic and non-domestic animals, exotic birds and reptiles, flowery areas, playground, mini-train, pony-express, mini-cars, miniature golf, restaurant, self-service, picnic areas and its art exhibitions a most pleasant stay for visitors.

22km – 20min


Esch-sur-Alzette is a cosmopolitan city with a turbulent past. It is known for its architectural monuments and good shopping infrastructure. The country’s second largest city is located 17 km from the capital and 25 km from the international airport.

35km – 30min

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